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Amazon review in Saddle Brook, New Jersey: Deceptive REVIEW practices


Update by user Apr 23, 2015

Amazon continues with their standard practices of not posting 1 star reviews unless they are still somewhat favorable either to the seller, the product, or Amazon. Only minor issues are allowed to be expressed.

Censorship at its worst.

To date, I still do not have a full understanding of what is allowed to be said and what is not. The instructions by Amazon of what is permitted are cryptical at best, and confusing and contradictory at worst.

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2015

Amazon only allows "positive" reviews even if you give a 1 star rating they still will not allow any negative comments and will bounce your reviews. Their review rules are so complicated and complex that you really do not know what you are allowed to say and what not. First they tell you that you cannot review the product but can only review the service. Then they say you cannot review the purchasing process but can only review the product. It makes no sense. Bottom line: you are only allowed to say nice thing when reviewing on Amazon. If you try to say anything negative about any of their sellers or products that they sell, they have a review department that appears to be all-powerful in rejecting any and all comments that do not enhance Amazon sales.
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Beware of trying to submit a negative experience review if AMAZON IS THE SELLER - They won't allow it!

I've spent thousands of dollars on Amazon over the years. I have never had any reviews rejected until now.

I was able to put negative PRODUCT reviews, but if the item was sold directly from Amazon and I had a bad experience with them, I was not allowed to publish the experience. I was honest, I told that they were lowering the price of an item I was buying in bulk by a couple dollars or so right after the purchase of it. When fearing that I would not have enough of the product for future use, I bought it again very soon after the first purchase, only to find that again, right after I purchased the product they lowered the price by over $2.00 per box of this product that goes for almost $30 a box. And I was buying several at a time.

When I discovered and caught them price gauging consistently and called them out on it, they rejected my review and refused to publish it, sending me a link to their guidelines.

I read all the guidelines and I didn't use any profanity or use links outside Amazon, nothing. I just told my honest experience and they declare they welcome HONEST reviews but they don't.


As I have seen 1 star reviews, this is not true, though I agree with the confusing.

If you are rating a product, it should be done on the page about the product.

If you are rating a seller, it should be fine in the page that has the seller info.

Good luck!


Yes, that is true, you can put lower ones but when RATING AMAZON itself if they are the ones that are the store front (when it says SOLD BY AMAZON) and not an individual seller, they will NOT allow any kind of seller feedback, nor can you leave negative reviews when it comes to Amazon the seller.

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Poor customer service
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Be honest.
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Amazon review in Saddle Brook, New Jersey: Banned reviews

Whenever I have a problem with a product or service that is purchased on Amazon, I try to post a realistic, truthful, and very descriptive review of what happened. Unfortunately, Amazon allows mostly "favorable" reviews to be posted. Any time someone tries to post a 1 Star or negative review, it get bounced. Just about all of my 1 Star reviews never made it on their web sites. Amazon is definitely and artificially prevaricated toward positive reviews only. This makes their reviews ungenuine and falsified. The buyer does not have a true picture of what they are getting on Amazon. Be careful - and read independent reviews only not just those posted on Amazon.
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  • Most of their products
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  • Deceptive delivery time
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Poor customer service

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