This is something I've noted recently on a number of my orders as well. Prime and In Stock showing up w/ 2 day delivery commitment and then after ordering and on day of delivery, the order is updated with Delivery Delay OR changed delivery date as long as a week after the committed date.

Interesting that this happens well past the date you order basically taking away your ability to buy elsewhere. Do we really look that stupid Amazon???? Why? Look at the choice for delivery service.

Amazon USED to ship using FedEx but now they're using cheaper USPS or Local Carrier (On Track). For myself; the items are in stock and the transfer center is all of 60 minute drive from my home in SoCal. So tell me, something is that close to my home and STILL it can't be delivered when THEY commit? It's the latest way that Amazon has chosen to SCREW the consumer.

The ones that pay for PRIME each year in part for the 2 day shipping commitment. GUESS WHAT AMAZON? You're not the only game in town anymore!!!! We can get Walmart to ship the same goods and they don't charge us a premium each year.

Wanna guess what you're getting from me next year?

Only way this changes is for others to take a stand and demand service that's paid for. Happy Holidays All

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I agree that a promise to delivery for any business should be upheld. This is becoming prolific where many deliveries do not even ship by the promised date.

Is this a guarantee or not? Is there some class action just brewing in the rears for false advertising?

Time will tell, but I think we all need to start spending at least 2 minutes a day voicing our distaste for straight out lies or blatant abandonment of a consumer guarantee. I am sure Amazon has deep pockets and after a good 5 to 10 year battle in court some attorneys could make a nice retirement off of this.


I agree with you. What's the point in having and paying for Prime if Amazon can't deliver the freaking package on time!

I'll never trust them for Christmas gifts EVER again!

They can't deliver! Now they say...."oh it could be within the next damn week and if you don't get it by that time...let us know!" Idiots