customer cNot really a complaint more of a WTF!? Contacted Amazon via Chat just now regarding a dish drainer and tray with drain I ordered that arrived in a smashed up torn box and was, of course, damaged and unusable in addition to being the wrong drainer to start with - the former wasn't their fault, and I indicated this, the latter was no big deal, it happens; it wasn't a crucial, pricey (was a $9.xx purchase) or time sensitive purchase, so I wasn't at all upset.

My only issue after I initiated the return was the fact I needed to return it yet the box was unusable, so all I was requesting something to return it in - 1st "JImmy" said he would create a box lesss return" then asked how I wanted the refund issued - I indicated either debit I bought with or credit would be fine, and he replied that it was a third party seller purchase thus my only option was refunding my debit. Ok..why ask then? Then as I thought we were done he instructed me to put the item in a suitable box and affix the label for return...???? What part of the entire rest of the conversation was he not there for?

SO much for box less.. I explained the complicated no box issue yet again &;;;;;;;;;;;;;amp;amp; he asked me to hold on while he researched the matter ...then came back and said "Good News!!" he had issued the refund and I did not need to return the item, could keep it or dispose of it, my choice. Which was an acceptable alternative to me, and I thanked him for his assistance - and he replied "Rest Assured - You Won" Won ??? a broken piece of mismatched unusable crap to fill up my trash cart with and have to dispose of before locating and ordering a replacement and waiting for it to come yet again?

Wow I feel like a champ! I really didn't appreciate the implications of the comment nor do I understand why that comment would be an option or applicable to any return or complaint situation as it is completely sarcastic and implies wrongdoing on my part.

I have been unhappy with the sharp decline in quality of customer service at Amazon for the past 3 years and it keeps going downhill - maybe they need to seriously consider going back to outsourcing. Whatever the case, when my new dish drainer comes - from a non Amazon source - rest assured they'll be getting this one back in the box the new one shipped in, want it or not, I have the box less" label here ready and waiting - guess you won Amazon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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