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I am diagnosed with Dementia. I am trying to get all my finances settled up before I get worse.

I do not have money to pay the $9,000 of charges from Amazon on my discover card. I called discover, they tell me Amazon needs to send credit back to them on my account. I call Amazon, they tell me discover has to send fraud charges back to them because Amazon said the charges that they have are not even in my name? I tell discover and they tell me they cant send these charges from 2020 because its over the 120 days?

I am so confused, all I want is my credit card cleared from these charges. I just need help but both sides talk the talk but will not help me. Soon my mind will not be there and my child will have to pay for a bill that isnt even mine.

Someone please help. Lolly

User's recommendation: Don’t let Amazon bully you.

Location: Lanesboro, Minnesota

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