Dear Amazon Legal, I was involved in an auto accident with another vehicle in the intersection of Capitol Ave. and Donohoe St.

in East Palo Alto, CA in front of the Amazon Building at 1900 University Ave. on April 17 approximately between 8:52 am to 8:58 am. I am very sure the other driver ran a red light and caused the collision while I was driving with a green light. However, there was no eye witness at the site and the other drive insisted that she had a green light.

The police officer (E. Lopez #2247) of East Palo Alto who came to the site wrote me a note "Please show camera footage" with the ID of the security camera on the Amazon building (EPAID 5076). He suggested me to go the Amazon building to ask for help. The Amazon building security supervisor who I talked with today asked me to contact you for the permission to see the security camera footage.

I only have a liability coverage on my car.

If I don't have the camera footage to help my case I may have to pay thousands dollars of repair cost which I don't deserve. I will greatly appreciate Amazon's help.


Charlene ***

Location: Menlo Park, California

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