I use to like shopping on Amazon. It was so simple and easy.

That was until I got my

recent bill from American Express. With all these book purchases I did not order.

So I called American Express who said they would look at it and get back to me.

Well 7 days later I get a letter from American Express telling me that Amazon showed

them the orders were correct and I owe them 250. Even though I told them it saw a

new card and you could see my order history online at Amazon. They did nothing to help

and Amazon is hard to get on the phone, and when I finally got someone they were rude

and very unhelpful.

So now I am force to pay 250. for books I did not order.

I will also be

deleting my account and credit card. Beware of Amazon Scammers.


User's recommendation: Stay away from Amazon.

Location: Brockton, Massachusetts

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