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I believe my pillow I ordered was stolen; at 6:18am it said it was in Ladson SC, and was in-route to be delivered, my mail comes in my area of Bonneau SC between 11:30am to 12:00pm, and I waited all day, and it never was delivered through FedEx, it says on GPS on tracking site of FedEx even at 8:00pm today of February 19th 2022 that it said it was in Charleston SC, which is a long ways away from Bonneau SC over a two hour drive away depending on traffic! Now I'm having another issue with another order too; a manga I bought that is tracking in Georgia staying in Georgia since 12:39pm on February 18th!!

And packages from Georgia usually arrive the next day to my state of South Carolina! I believe people supposed to be delivering/shipping out our orders are stealing our packages! I never ever had this happen to me before and I just pre-ordered a manga and if this happens again I will be furious! Cause I have a limited income!

I want a refund for the pillow that was over $21 dollars! Now if the mangas I ordered don't come well we have a problem. If you want proof I have screenshot evidence of this happening today on February 19th 2022 on the FedEx website, in which the seller shipped through on the pillow! And again on my recent manga order, which I know people are stealing packages mind you!

If this keeps happening you need to do something about it!

I may not be able to afford prime but I'm a good customer without it! Customers deserve to be appreciated and not have their products stolen mind you.

Please can you refund me of the pillow?

It would be much appreciated, thank you.


Kara Wedgeworth

User's recommendation: Be mindful that people might be stealing packages through FedEx and UPS.

Location: Saint Stephen, South Carolina

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