When I rejoined Amazon, I put in a new address but it didn't change it in the shipping process

I contacted customer service and was told that it could not be changed but yet it hadn't left the warehouse

During these 45 minutes of trying to get this matter resolved, I was sent t o 3or 4 people before I finally was disconnected

I called a 2nd time and was given to another representative who actually knew how to help solve this issue.,when it could have been resolved on the first one.

I was very upset with this service and yes I was nasty but after being passed to 3 or 4 people abs then hung up on

I am very grateful to the last representative who actually knew what to do

Come to find out ,I could leave a message on the label with the correct address

I have received my order but only because of your representative

You actually need to inform your staff just how to resolve the issues instead of passing them around

and let them know that if they had an account before to check the email address

User's recommendation: Please check all of your information before placing your order...especially if you once had an account before.

Location: Somerset, Pennsylvania

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