I am a Prime Customer. I took my time to pick out the perfect gift for my granddaughter for Christmas as I made sure that it was through Prime, and that it would be guaranteed to be here on time.

It stated that it would be shipped and delivered by 12/22nd, and before Christmas and that is why I ordered this gift. However, it now states that it will be after Christmas. I called your department trying to make changes and finally realizing that it would be best to cancel my order. Once I got off the phone with your people, I received your email.

I was offended with the title, Pissed customer. You might want to change the name so that you do not offend others. It is offensive!

Although your Amazon customer service person was nice, I was told that I had to jump through hoops just to cancel my order. There needs to be a better system to cancel an order.

User's recommendation: Change your title, and honor your prime customers.

Location: Marietta, Georgia

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