On 12/3/12, I purchased 5 items from Amazon.com. According to the tracking history, they were shipped on 12/4/12.

The history states that the packaged arrived at 9:50 on 12/10. The next statement says that the package was undeliverable. Reason stated: incorrect address. Amazon has shipped items to me at this address before with no problem.

The items were returned to Amazon. The address was NOT incorrect. Amazon never notified me that these items were returned, I only discovered such when trying to find out why my shipment had not arrived. I don't live in a big city, it is a very small town.

I had them shipped to my office that is clearly marked. Both on the window and the awning. I then contacted Amazon, asking that they please reship the items as they were Christmas presents. I was told they could not, that I would have to go through the order process again.

After many emails, I finally called. The person with whom I spoke kept telling me there was nothing they could do but refund my money and I would have to reorder. I asked to speak to a supervisor, someone else comes on the phone. This person tells me he will issue me a credit, will give me next day shipping at no cost to me but I would still have to replace the order.

Two of the five items came from a seller who goes through Amazon. What he didn't tell me, is the credit is only good for items that Amazon sells nor did he tell me that when I tried to checkout, there was nothing for shipment. I had to pay another $7.95 for shipment on the 3 items that Amazon sold and will not arrive until 12/24-12/27. I called again, this time they tell me there is nothing more they can do.

On the items that were from other sellers, it is the customers responsibility to contact them directly, Amazon will do nothing at all for any items ordered from any of the sellers that go through Amazon.

Needless to say, the gifts I ordered will not arrive before Christmas, they were my children's gifts.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Location: Winter Park, Florida

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