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I never had issues until I moved to FL this year. I've been a customer since Amazon started.

Not fair. Because I live in apartment house and there were several issues with someone else I get punished. But yet they have double charged me numerous amounts of time and I didn't have them closed for 6 months in a row for double charging me. But I can't watch my TV, order anything.

I have proof from ups management where the new guy made several mistakes on routes. How is that my problem. I don't take anything. I pay for everything and yes I'll get upset when I tell you a 1000 times 3 boxes of paint cant fit in a tiny box.

I still have the box the paint came in. Like I sent a camera back cause qr code would not work and they were supposed send another. But yet now I can't get into account. Like for real.

Close me Because more than one person in an apartment complex has issues and I never ever had any out of all years until this year????!!!!!!! Then u can't understand anyone when u call. So they reviewed it apogized turned it back on and Because a person with foreign language didn't understand it had all ready been approved to stay open after a week investigation, I call about the camera he was rude and said your account is closed and back under review. Really cause a qr code don't work.

Do I need get my lawyer for all the months I was over charged and didn't raise *** They closed my daughters account because her back up email was mine???? REALLY?????????

User's recommendation: Do business with anyone except anazon.

Location: Ocoee, Florida

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