I tried to buy two PlayStation gift cards, one of 100$ and the other one for 12 months of PlayStation plus. And i used my card.

Then told me that Amazon will send me an email with the information for redeem the codes and receive my order.

They suspended my account because they couldn't check my identity or if I was the owner of the debit card. Even tho I uploaded some images, screenshots, even pdf with my information proving that I'm the owner of the card, they didn't unlock it.

Which is why I called more than 4 times to solve this issue, but now again they just asked the same information 4 times and told me they were just going to cancel the order so I can have my Amazon account again, but no, didn't happen and I'm still waiting because all of the customer service agents said to wait 24 hours, and my account is still suspended. I can give all my banking information if you want but apparently it looks like it's not enough to prove that it was my card, and now I don't have my Amazon account which I need it

I need someone to solve this ASAP

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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