1. Unlike other websites, Amazon does not have a forum for reviews / complaints about Amazon.com.

You can review products and even other sellers, but not Amazon service.

2. They removed the auto-renew button for Amazon Prime. Used to be there...not anymore. You can only cancel or provide a billing method - no other choices.


In 2019, Amazon provided a Veterans Day discount to active duty and veterans - $40 off annual membership (includes existing members). In 2020 and 2021, every military website says Amazon will offer it again for the current year. However, they always decide against it. Some kind of Amazon psychological PR thing...I guess.


You can only purchase monthly subscriptions through channels on Amazon...You can save a lot through annual subscriptions and bundling with other services (Hulu, AppleTV+) but not Amazon.

The inability to be critical of Amazon on their website is intentional.

After all, if you can't complain on the world's largest website, there must be nothing to complain about, right? If more people were able to see the 2 of 5 rating for Amazon on this site, would they have been as successful?

User's recommendation: Keep in mind, it's all for profit. Jeff Bezos could give away a million dollars a day for the rest of his life and never lose a penny of net worth.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: I would love to see a blog or forum for Amazon.com reviews on Amazon. They reject any product review about Amazon..

Amazon Pros: Variety of products.

Amazon Cons: Customer issues are not share to benefit other customers, Advertising is not always true, Any negative option is deleted eg auto renew button, No manager follow up.

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