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You are now connected to Vivek from Amazon.com

Me:Failed to send a mother's day gift card to my mother

Vivek:Hello, this is Vivek. I'll be happy to help you.

Me:Order Placed: May 9, 2014

Amazon.com order number: 002-3247482-3875402

Order Total: $30.00

I'm quite upset, it's now 630pm and my mother has not received the card i paid for

it's mother's day in Australia

I then phoned america using my mobile phone to be told it's all gone through

but my mum has checked junk mail and inbox and nothing

I was also told i'd be credited, there's no record in my inbox either. Really disappointed

Vivek:I'm sorry for the problem you had, Andrea. Let me check that for you.

Me:totally let down. I would prefer to cancel order now. It's lost all meaning

Vivek:I see that your mom Patricia Elgar has received the Gift Card Balance: $30.00.

Me:my card had a photo and a message

my mum has no idea she's received such a credit

do you understand what i paid for?

i don't care about a credit

Vivek:Can you confirm the email address of your mom ?

Me:i wanted her to receive a message, photo and presant


Vivek:I can confirm she has $30.00 in her account.

Please check it out.

Me:Order Placed: May 9, 2014

Amazon.com order number: 002-3247482-3875402

Order Total: $30.00

Gift Cards


E-mail gift card to: pelgar@live.com.au

- Scheduled to be sent May 11, 2014

- From: Andrea

- Message:

Happy Mother's Day Muma! We wish you were here.... Loads of love xxxxx

Vivek, you are completely missing the point

look at my message, i also had a photo attached

I'm feeling very upset

how would my mum know she received anything

i want a manager pls

YOu didn't honour the gift

how hard is this to get a some help?

Vivek:Do you want the credit back in your account ?

Me:I want a manager

you can't help obviously

Vivek:Let me check that for you.

Me:Yes please

Vivek:Thanks for waiting, Andrea.

I have checked with my supervisor and I can confirm that your Gift card balance is credited in the recipient account. If you prefer to cancel the order, I can cancel the order for you.

Me:What do you not understand about this issue???? I had a gift card with message and photo

nothing was emailed and my mother was not contacted

tell me where I'm wrong as the customer

Why are you offering such a thing without honouring?????

the credit is nothing to do with my point

my mum has no email about this present

it's hardly a gift, just a credit

I will never use amazon again... you haven't even taken my seriously

Vivek:I can understand your problem to make up the convenience, we have already issued $5 as a promo.

Me:WOW, you are so generous! theres not even an email to confirm your apparent $5 promo

Wasted $10 on phone call. half hour on chat with you and my mum would not know what to do to get a credit with you

shoudl i email her mysself and tell her how to login to your *** site

What a joke, a multimillion dollar company that can't even send one email

or look after a customer

I'll be sure to pass on the credit to others in my network of friends and family

Vivek:I can understand your problem I will forward your feedback to our appropriate team so that this will feature will be added in future.

Me:Hope you send this to management if you have any ethics


Vivek:Sure, Andrea. I will forward this.

Me:are you jokiung, it's an offering you have provided on your website

it's not a feature

it's something current and not futuristic


listen, i want my money in full returned, not a credit!

You have not met the requirements that you presented

REFUND please

and you can keep your $5 promo

give it to someone who might use it

a good charity

Vivek:Please wait for few minutes let me try to refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

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Me:your service stinks

even after realising that there's a screw up

Vivek:Thanks for waiting.

I tried to cancel the order since the order si already processed, I'm unable to cancel the order for you.

In this case I will forward this to our Gift card team to cancel the order and issue full refund to your credit card.

Will that work ? Me:yes, but totally let down so thanks for nothing!

it's now too late to make my mother's day for my mother which is priceless. I'm surprised you guys are so carefree.

Your management have shown no interest. I will not return