I had made my orders for the money that was on my account with my Amazon you know I was put forward with some cash before the holidays Christmas and I was able to get presents I was given the ship dates the arrival times and able to spend my money while I go to pick out all everything I needed nothing in the shop and cart so it all went through I got told when it was going to show up with everything I had boughten with all the receipts and absolutely nothing had came they still won't unlock my account feeding me the same stuff and making me go to someone else trying to get a hold of a manager or supervisor then other than someone I'm talking to because this is real stuff I had bought my gifts for my daughter and my grandmother before the holidays and therefore I have had nothing for them and they took my money I've been trying and sent and I have sent every document they have needed all the way to my credit card number and the last credit card that I had used that didn't go through that one I know didn't go through but my Amazon account had like six grand on it and now they want to put a temporary say they put a temporary hold on it would it locked account and won't return any questions I ask or anything about a refund or how to even get into my account besides the same thing they keep telling me and that is to send the last four digits of the credit card I used and or account that I was using but the thing is which is really silly and dumb if you ask me is if I can't even get to my account or into my account because they temporarily put it on there ;-) temporary? If they can't help me or even unlock it themselves I even give social security number my birthday my name full name and everything about me and everything I have ordered that I'll show you that shouldn't be temporary and it should be unlocked and our orders should have been here but instead they play games and kept my property belonings

User's recommendation: Not much I can say but I would say don't do it.

Location: Grayslake, Illinois

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