A few days ago1. I ordered a book, it was supposed to be sent by an Amazon seller


later on I received an email from Amazon, confirming the order, but the name of the book in the email was not the book that I had ordered.

3. I called Amazon, and explained that I ordered a different book from what was mentioned in the email. The rep said that he'll send a message to the seller to cancel the order and issue a refund.

4. Sometime after the phone call (Wed 12/29/2021 6:05 PM,) I received an email from Amazon telling that the book has been shipped.

This time it was the right book. Since the book has been already "shipped" and I wanted to accept delivery, I did nothing.

5. Today, I have received another email from Amazon that the book was not "picked" (in other words, the boo was not really shipped as the email stated) and the order has bee is cancelled.

6. To day again, I called Amazon and I repeated all of the above, and I said that I was interested in taking delivery of the book, since the seller mentioned the right book in the second email (not in the first one) and since delivery for this book takes an awful long time and don't want to start the whole process of reordering and have a few more days added to the original delivery date.

Your rep said she'll send a message to the seller.

So I am still interested in the book "Lord of Samarkand and Other Adventure Tales of the Old Orient (The Works of Robert E. Howard) "and I hope the delivery time will not be postponed.


Now that I look at the first email you sent me. I understand what happened.

Your first email did not mention the book that I had ordered (...

Samarkand...), but in your eagerness to sell more books, you listed "The Horror Stories..." as another book I might be interested in buying. I thought that was the book you intended to send me, I think that what have caused the confusion

Order #113-571****-904****

User's recommendation: Make your first message list clear and list what is in the order. If you want to push more merchendise do it in a way that would not confuse the costomers ( different colores, different font ?).

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

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