Hello. My name is Amy Bradshaw and I have 4 packages that show that they have been delivered (on varying dates), but when I contacted the resident at the desired shipping addressed they were unable to find them.

I did do some research and noticed that the person who made the orders forgot to include the space number of the residence.

How should I go about getting these orders? I did verify with the resident of the shipping residence that he went to a number of homes and the HOA office of his community.

Here are the Delivery reference numbers I found attached to the "Delivered" notice:

TBA179357****04 (order: 2 packages of blank cards)

TBA177508****04 (CuttleLab 22 piece of stainless steel measuring cups & spoons)

TBA177549****04 (9 bottles of essential oils - various brands)

DHL Global Mail tracking # 9374 86** **50 6365 **** 53 (Essential oil - Love Song)

The address it was addressed to was:

150 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd

San Marcos, CA 92078

The address should have been:

150 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd

Spc 100

San Marcos, CA 92078

Thank you for your assistance.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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