I had purchased 3 Visa Gift Cards of $200 each from Amazon. The package arrived by secure delivery with 6 digit security code required for delivery, which was provided.

The package arrived in tact with no damage.

Upon opening the package we discovered it was empty. No gift cards inside. I contacted Amazon immediately to inform them of the empty package and to get the product sent. I was told by the Amazon customer service the gift cards had already been used and there was nothing they could do.

The gift cards were stolen by the Amazon employee who was responsible for packaging.

I was given the run around by Amazon for 4 days until I finally was able to get above the customer service supervisor to an actual manager.

The manager finally investigated and found that my claims were true.

The value of the cards was finally refunded after a very frustrating week of run around and refusal to refund.

This run around and refusal to refund product that was stolen by Amazon employee has eroded my trust. The manager did finally research the issue and provided a satisfactory result.

User's recommendation: If you are ordering anything of value from Amazon, open the package infront of their driver for verification you actually received the items.

Location: Lincolnton, North Carolina

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