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I was notified of refund several weeks later now amazing never work with me if I order food worth almost three hundred dollars to feed families order was labeled delivered on multiple times it wasn't and once I was told I couldn't get a refund because I didn't report soon enough this was the start of the pandemic two years later I'm going through the same thing but more often than ever I just relocated to My New place this year and I'm missing over four to six hundred dollars of paid items food/ electronics but no one is able to help me if a family is in critical need of food how can large food order be taken pay first refund later not a good movie food orders should be replaced bye bye what was In the cart now wallet was stolen card's replaced waiting you guys take so long for a process all of my refunds either never was sent to me or sent to a card no longer registered to My accounts now I checked with all institutes aka bank's none of my refunds can be recovered I have a business account showing to many unreturned refunds this is urgent that a manager look at my account immediately I'll just have to pull All strings this is how veterans get treated for helping people on My own without any outside help hundreds of dollars is missing from the past three years and legal matter May be my only option.... JADIII.S

User's recommendation: Stay on top of everything from start of order to end after delivery.

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

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