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I ordered the Garmin, Lilly fitness watch for my wife for Christmas. The shipping box arrived on time Wednesday 12.22.21.

The shipping box was in good shape and was sealed and had not been resealed. I opened the shipping box to look at the watch box inside, and that box arrived in good shape as well. I proceeded to look inside the watch box, which felt very light! Furthermore, I looked inside and there was no watch inside the box.

I checked in the shipping box, nothing in there as well.

I immediately called Custom Service, the lady I spoke with was very helpful. She requested that I send pictures of the watch box and did so.

She stated that a new watch would be sent out with the shortest shipping method.

I feel the watch was either stolen at the fulfillment center or was never put in the watch box from the factory. I was very disappointed, but the lady that helped me from customer service was very understanding and took care of the matter.

Thank you for great customer service and for standing by your promises.


User's recommendation: I highly recommend shopping at Amazon, they stand by their word.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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