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Bought a security system and read the description and it said comes with a hard drive. And it doesn't.

Called customer service and they said I was a liar. Nor did they want to fix the issue. All they said was is your stuck with the stuff n buy a HD or take it all down after doing a day's worth of work in 3 days. Pack it up ship it back n we'll refund.

It's not easy to take it down. And not able to buy a HD outright yet customer service didn't wanna do anything to help except for calling us liars. So we will be contacting to let them know what happened and how we was treated. Also customer service told us we are not a loud to know who they are so they can be reported.

Law states a company's employees to have an employee id# and if asked for it by a customer it is to be provided. Which they did not. So we will be taking this to the attorney General. (Eric) and it will be talked about on the podcast.

During the phone call to customer service ; because the whole thing was recorded. And they were aware of that and was ok with it. Company's think they can do what ever they freaking want to. And it's OK to say what ever they want to a customer and it's fine.

And we don't get no sorrys for it. Or any consultation for being treated in such ways.

We'll see if that's the right thing to do ; I'd to miss test customers and call them such things in any kind of way. One of the worst 1st time experiences ever.

User's recommendation: AVOID AMAZON "ITS A *** JOKE!! AND SCAM...

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: If you feel like getting pissed off n on.

Amazon Cons: Making migraines worse and just like any other company.

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