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Update by user Nov 22, 2017

Amazon reinstated my account

Original review posted by user Nov 22, 2017

On Nov 19 2017 I wanted to use A master card gift card $100 I might add to my Amazon account to purchase an Amazon gift Card I didn't think nothing of it added it to my payment history to checked out they took $1 off the card to make sure the funds were there the next email I received it was telling me that someone accessed my account and that they had restricted me from my own account that the card was not mine it is a MasterCard gift card and I only can use it online I have been denied access to my account since then I have faxed over every piece of information from the website I set up to register the card that I can I put done right now I don't know have been with Amazon for years never ever been late with payments, I tell you what they are not going to have a problem taking that payment and there is no way you can speak to an account specialist the only thing left to do is close my Amazon account and never ever do business with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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