I have addressed this issue several times in the past year at least 40 times I have a 6 by 4 ft sign on my porch with attached doorbell set doorbell has a doorbell at my neighbors and at my house that when you ring it it rings up my neighbor's house and my house set doorbell has these words with the sign attached all packages ring doorbell on sign only time read doorbell gets wrong is if FedEx or UPS or the postage rings it never win deliver my packages so I have canceled my subscription to you I am tired of wet packages soaked boxes items damaged over Christmas I have had to wash clothes before my presents could be given I am angry and will not give you any more of my money I have canceled my music movie and my subscription to you I am done Fed up and will tell my friends to cancel their subscriptions too I am no longer a prime member and will tell my friends to cancel theirs also I am mad and pissed off I am done calling you every time one of my packages gets delivered I have paid into you hundreds every month and yes I said hundreds of dollars every month not sad to go but happy to go going back to walmart.com where I don't have to pay shipping at all happy to go {{redacted}}

User's recommendation: Don't buy here if you want it shipped.

Location: Decatur, Indiana

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