My complain is re: my Amazon payment. When my husband setup this account, for me, I never received the card.

In order for me to make a payment, I needed account information, and since I never received my card, I needed my account number. Even the bank, associated with the card could not help me, with the payment. It was then I contacted Amazon, to make a payment, and Amazon told me I had to contact the bank. Thats when I lost it.

After all was said and done, the representative helping me, seemed accusatory, like it was my fault for not making a payment, even thought now one could help me, without a card number. Thats why you sent me this pissed customer survey. If I didnt know my account number, and I could not log in, how is this my fault? I work hard to make all of my payments before or on time, and I dont like anyone to say, Im not being responsible in making payments.

Had I not received that reminder notice, I would not have known a payment was due, because I never received my card, with my account information. I feel Amazon dropped the ball on this, not I.

User's recommendation: Be aware, when signing up for a card, and that you receive account information before any purchases.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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