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Your representative in the Philippines screwed up my order on 2 books I was sending as gifts to my son-in-law in Minneapolis.

I was on the phone for about a half an hour.

I had a birthday gift message. For whatever reason the message never was posted to one of the books I was sending as another birthday gift.

Your representative said he had added the gift message.

I went on the Amazon site today and the message was not there.

I spoke to another representative today The representative was not from the Philippines.

She confirmed that the message was not added.

She tried to fix it, but she couldnt add it.

My only recourse was to cancel the order and reorder it with the gift option.

I have been disappointed many times when I have dealt with someone from the Philippines. I know many other people have been disappointed when dealing with one of your Philippines agents.

User's recommendation: Hang up if you get a Philippine representative to help you.

Location: Gainesville, Florida

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