This is a real stupid situation. When I ordered the case for my cell phone I happened to see the green and left it on that one case color because it said that the color was out of stock.

So I wanted to see what hue of green it was that everyone bought it out so quickly. I didn't change the green show piece to black when I input all my personal information to order the case. So I guess the computer got stuck on green; anyway - Like I said the show board said that they were out of green anyway. Then everything went bonkers om my computer and I thought I may have double ordered and I ended up calling Amazon to verify the order and the black case.

And I specifically said to the lady that took my order that I wanted the case in black (twice) and mentioned the situation I went through previously. Well guess what? I got the case in green and it isn't as good as I first thought. I do not think it is durable and it is pretty cheap built for the money I paid.

So I called up and told another girl that the order was wrong and it was wrong right from the gate (beginning).

It said there was no green and how I got a green case, well maybe I should sell it for a profit - no. But I did request for a black one to be shipped to me 3 times this time. Well I got it last Thursday as promised but guess what?

The replacement case is green too. So what to do with the nimrods at Amazon packaging?

User's recommendation: Smoke some pot before you open Amazon deliveries.

Location: Baytown, Texas

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