I am 72 and a long time amazon user. I am sick and yesterday I tried to log in, but forgot my password.

I tried in excess of 10 times to reset my passcode. Here is the reason: When I typed in the first version, and thought I typed in the second version, apparently they were not the same. I know my keyboard often does not type when I want it to on my Android phone, but that is my problem. What you need to do is this: ADD an option to see what you are typing like you have when you sign in.

Had that been an option, I wouldn't have wasted my afternoon to log on. Once I was able to log on, I tried every method I could think of to figure out how to change my pin on a,prime so I could buy a video. When I hit the buttons that said go to chat, that never worked. I finally had to ask to speak to someone for help.

Those are very normal items: seeing your chosen password and finding how to change pin for video purchase. You need to sincerely look into these things.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Convenience.

Amazon Cons: Can not find answers to questions, Very difficult to reach customer service unauthorized chargrd.

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