My package was never delivered to me, the reason I refused it, not true. A delivery attempt was never made and my deliver was returned to sender.the last few months I've had delayed shipments and no satisfaction with the issue.

I'm not offered any compensation as being a prime member for my inconvenience. You have too ask and then there an act of Congress to get a couple of dollars back for my inconvenience . I've been with Amazon for many years, but now I'm reconsidering my prime membership, is it worth the headache? Amazon needs to step up, if you're offering prime members 2-day shipping they should honor it, and if you can't, don't offer it.

Now I need to get something else for a Christmas gift.

Since the pandemic I do really get out to do a lot of shopping and online is the way I do most of my shopping. AMAZON DO BETTER.

Location: Baker, Louisiana

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