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For quite some time it has been years of excuses and Ill tell my manager, or supervisor, or my section head, or my team leader, and the list goes on.

So Basically Nothing is ever done to the point Im sure it is written down in the Customer Care Manuel as part of a directive to how to comfort, misled, console, confuse, patronize until you make the customer feel like they have accomplished something when in fact you have solved not one thing.

I know over the years Ive spent in excess of tens of thousands of dollars although Im sure it a small pittance compared to others combined with the volume of customers.

So with all of the pleading and trying to communicate with Amazon from its lowest tier of representatives supposedly to their executive office representative its marketplace representatives and the many carriers and as usual the same results Nothing.

So by placing blame on this pandemic well with the large number of businesses that have suffered you would think that they would strive to do a more complete job by treating customers as if they really count, but youd be wrong.

By the invasion of this pandemic it has only given another excuse to manage customers below poor services if any service at all.

They make it seem as if they are doing us a favor to allow us to buy products from them.

ie: Well we allowed you to buy it do you want us to deliver it to you and assemble it as well.

So it seems unfortunately because of this pandemic I will have to make an extra effort to buy my products locally rather then go through the experience of ordering then pay for the product and pay for shipping and handling to receive broken, missing, damaged or just the wrong product to have it NOT delivered to me but have to go out of the way by 3 miles to pick it up at the local post office in hopes that they have it at all or they tell you it was delivered and you go there to find out its still on the truck or they say its attempted delivery but it was never on the truck to begin with.

So I feel Id rather go pick it up locally rather then be charged to wait till it never gets delivered and to have it occur over and over and over.

So Ill relive Amazon of having to deal with small time customers such as myself whos opinion as well as orders dont count.

Thank you

User's recommendation: If you expect something to be done “DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH”.

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