Amazon wants customers to stay logged in and has hidden the option to log out. I do not want to stay logged in.

I wish to cancel my account since I am not allowed to log out. Really? I feel like a prisoner. Amazon practices are unfair, requiring one to open a Prime account in order to receive lower prices, which are the same prices offered on other websites.

A prime account must also be opened in order to process supposedly free shipping.

This is not free enterprise and Amazon should not be allowed to operate in such an unethical way. I do not wish to ever have anything to do with Amazon again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: Unable to log out.

Preferred solution: I wish to cancel my account.

Amazon Cons: Restrictions unless joined prime and inability to log out.

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Amazon doesn’t want people taking up bandwidth who prefer to log out instead of buy and holds no one captive. To sign out, click on your name at the top of the web page.

A box will open with “sign out” at the bottom. Click it.

You opened your Prime account - it was your choice. The Prime membership can be a good deal or a bad deal, depending on what you buy and if you want free faster shipping. Paying for it was your choice, not Amazon’s.

Where you shop is your choice, not Amazon’s. Paying for a Prime membership can be compared to paying for a Costco card which is good for some, but not all.

If you want to cancel your account just don’t log on and it will expire - or call them.

You wrote, “This is not free enterprise and Amazon should not be allowed to operate in such an unethical way.” “Read up” on free enterprise.


On upper right of screen you will see "hello, xxxxx" with "accounts & lists" below. Hover over it and a drop down menu will appear. At the very bottom of the drop down list you will see " log out." Left click it and you will be signed out.