I reported a potential fraud. Amazon Customer Service referred me to Chase, where I had my Amazon Credit Card.

Amazon said they don't lock me out, Chase did. The representative for Chase (from Ethiopia or Libya or some such non-English speaking country) said they would release the account to Amazon, but could not tell me what purchases were pending but really could not understand why I needed to know what was pending. Then she said she had to verify my account with a code through email. Then the idiot asked me for my email (not verify it, but give it to her) so she could send me the code.

I hope you see the stupidity in me sending her my email address, so she could verify my account with that address. All the charges show as "BOOKSTORE" if they come from Amazon. She continued to be confused, so I said close my account. I had recently paid off all charges.

I tried to access Amazon to see what charges were mine. He could not tell me what the charges were because he said the account was locked, and it might take 10 or more days to unlock it because they were behind, and I had to wait my turn. Not knowing what the charges were for and no way to find out, I closed my Amazon account. The next day, I received new credit cards for the Amazon account, indicating more incompetence by Chase bank.

Amazon rep was rude in telling me to wait patiently for 10 or more days, in the meantime, I couldn't use the Amazon Fire Stick or Alexa Dot. Very inefficient.

User's recommendation: Buy from Ebay or Etsy.

Location: Plant City, Florida

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