I am absolutely and ridiculously disappointed in Amazon's practices. For some reason when my mom went to order packing tape for a store Amazon double charged her account when she went to her account and complained Amazon suddenly took it as being fraudulent and locked me the account holder out of all of my accounts.

No warning, absolutely no contact with me, we were completely locked out of Oliver counts and therefore had no TV for me and 2 children through the course of an entire weekend. However I am the account holder since 2016, and I am the one that pays for prime, yet for some reason since my mom got on my account to order tape and used her card and there was a problem they locked me out of all my paid for items. I find it absolutely ridiculous that they would lock a customer out of their account even to use services such as prime or other things that they paid for with their working and good standing balance and cards.

Whatever's going on with this company they need to get it in gear because I am fuming mad at this and when I reached out to contact them they told me it would be 24 hours through email only to resolve my issue. Do not expect any type of good service if they mess up.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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