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*** this *** I ordered my package which contains my boots and something for my baby. But no if I wanted to wait a week I wouldn't pay for prime this is *** I'm so pissed off because I should have been here Saturday no it's *** Monday now It's saying Tuesday this is *** *** and I'm cancelling my prime because of this *** and taking my business else where don't even get me started on the USPS service oh we can't access the delivery address just park across the damn street it ain't that *** hard they need to get their *** together it's so inconvenient this is the second or third time this has happened if I'm agravated and I have every right no where are is my package Amazon where is it. Y'all need to get a better delivery system

User's recommendation: Don't worry about Amazon there complete B's never in myufe.

Location: Portsmouth, Virginia

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