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Price gouging, collusion, vertical integration. No salesmanship.

Inserted you stores in poor peoples nodal and forced us to shop with you only. The firm refused wiki, homey and piggy coupons.

Som items I have no idea What they were. Surgery and amazon

Original review posted by user Oct 31, 2018

Last November Amazon continuously blocked me from surfing the world wide web to price compare ir shop for items at other online e- retail. The experience was awful because I was recovering from a surgical proedure and I was forced to purchase only from Amazon. The worse part is it informed you that EBT cards were welcome when in reality it was not.

You were forced to get a Amazon store card or credit card. I made it a plan to pay every time I got either workers comp check or social security check. But it would harassme to pay buy chek. Now I have a financial sitght It forced me to their supermarket and tried to charge me 300.00 for two lamb chops.

Moreover, it never mailed the 4square warranties and it would change the product to force expensive cost on you. The computer was taught to price gauge. It would force you to buy more expensive item. The brick and mortar and see diabled. Therefore, Wiki could not assist, Diane too could not walk the grounds of her old neighborhood. Workers has written ichecks with insufficient funds. M

Memuh did not get to enjoy her last vacation before retiring from Allen PAVILLION , Aunt Lil needed knew surgery so her and Pa traveled to Eudora Ak. My surgery was on September 22, she flew back to make sure I was okay. and Amazon sold my Memuhs knit pants right from under me. This eretail, is very rude and untruthful. The no 4 square insurance and the knocking on the walls.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Amazon Cons: Customer service not understanding the problem.

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Neither does your "complaint". What are you trying to say? Makes no sense.


I think this person has a few screws loose.