I have watched Amazon go down hill when it comes to the shipping info on their buying pages. For example I looked up a product that was reasonably priced and so I made a purchase.

However during my lookup I could not find any information about the country of origin about the item. Only after the purchase was I able to see the country of origin was China. There was also no option for expedited shipping or any other shipping like DHL or FEDEX etc. This was suspicious but I figured I would get the item in a week or so.

At this time more than 2 months have passed and still no item has arrived. The sellers in China seem to use the very cheapest and worst mailing service they can find between China and the US. Now the post office is also to blame here as well, After the item reached San Francisco it sat their for over two weeks. During this time I complained to Amazon about the lack of info on their buy pages.

After this complaint Amazon has now removed the tracking number and the tracking button from this order so I have no way of tracking it anymore.

I suggest anyone use extreme caution due to the lack of shipping and country of origin information that would help a buyer to decide if they wish to buy from amazon or china for that matter due to the very long and slow shipping methods used by China and the US Post Office's snail pace on delivery. The destination for this item is Denver, co, but the package is moving like it's strapped to the back of a turtle that seems to be lost somewhere in Utah not knowing which way is east.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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If it's coming from China, it's won't be two days. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Also you clearly know nothing about China. You are INCREDIBLY lucky to get anything shipped from there in less than a month or two. And sitting in San Fran was most likely due to customs after arriving from China.

People are so stupid about international shipping. If you don't want to deal with this than loosen the purse strings and buy American.


I have complained about similar issues. If a listing is Prime, Prime customers should receive it within 2-3 business days, within logic.

If a listing is being sold by a third party seller, it should be noted on the listing as well as the location of original and a true approximate date for receipt since many of us have deadlines!

I used to specifically look for Prime, which used to be worthwhile. Now, it is a way for third party and over seas sellers to take advance of buyers.