I had multiple packages that were to be delivered today. Got the notices at 6pm central time that they were 8 stops away.

So checked the map. The driver was just over a mile from my house!!! Never moved!!! At 10pm checked my account again and now my delivery will be sometime in the next 3 days!!!!

How can they not deliver when they are that close!! Contacted customer service and was told there was a shipping delay! That that was why i didnt receive my packages!!! So was lied to twice today by the same company!!!

Have lost all respect for these people. If you cant hire people to do their jobs then you need to find people that will. Lots of people are looking for jobs. Also sucks for the company that they send out gps locations when your packages are close.

I have proof that you lied to me!!!! Now I have to wait till Monday to get a refund for items that I need Monday.

So not right. Those items should be here!

User's recommendation: Don’t expect to get your items on time. Or to be told the truth.

Location: Bixby, Oklahoma

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