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About one whole week ago, i ordered a Russian Spetsnaz qualified dolphin, trained for hunting and killing designated targets.Some *** decided to send me a laser killing orca whale..

LIKE HE EVEN KNOWS ME. After doing my years of studying exotic sea creatures (i.e. - Mermaids, Nessie, Starfish, the occasional bigfoot etc..) you know that an orca whale is just *** $HIT!!! I was reaaaaaally looking forward to having some quality bonding time with my Russian Spetsnaz qualified laser fighting dolphin.

I even already had a name for it, which it wouldve been called Potato.


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This happened to me as well, except I ordered a *** throwing monkey.Instead of getting said monkey, whose name would have been Bill Gates, I got a cat.

A *** POOPING CAT! Amazon won this time...

but when I get my monkey.....:(

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