Every year around this time I spend anywhere from 1 to 3 thousand dollars on Amazon to stock up on household stuff, hygiene, bed clothes, etc to last the whole year. I moved last year on Christmas day.

I updated my address with Amazon. For the past two weeks I have been receiving items from amazon but last night I tried to refill my amazon account balance with 1000. They locked my account for two hours and I had to reset my password. They even canceled a refill I made on the 17th.

All this time I've been refilling and getting my items now all of a sudden they want me to verify my identity and upload a picture of my utility bill after I had purchased over 900 worth of stuff. I have been using the same bank card and address for two months. They suspended my account even after I sent in the requested info and my orders. They said it was unauthorized transactions on my account.

Keep in mind I just moved here and I've been spending no less than 500 at a time to get my home up to pay. So why worry about my identity now when to me it should have been an issue from the first 800 I spent. The customer service representatives are rude as *** and wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor. Even when I requested that I get someone who spoke fluent English I didn't get transferred.

I had to literally cuss them out to get done what I needed done.

Why suspended my account and orders after taking the money from my card? And why wait until last night to do so when I have been making big purchases since the beginning of the year from this address with the same bank card.

User's recommendation: Use walmart.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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