Sent an item to an Amazon locker. I accidentally shut the door before i was able to grab it and the locker locked back up registering the package as received.

I called the hotline and explained my situation.. the first representative told me to wait at the lockers and put me on hold for about 30 mins (i had gotten off work so this is 1am) then he transferred me to someone who put me on hold again and then told me that essentially i was lying and HAD received the package. This package that is still in the locker as i type this. I went home and tried the chat function on the app as both phone operatives had thick accents and had trouble even understanding me.

After re-explaining the issue to the second rep on the app, she tells me to go back to the locker (2am) then has me wait.... then says that they can't help me unless i am in front of the locker (i was) then says sorry and transferred me. In total i spent 2 hours talking to 6-7 different reps that spoke very little English and had no capacity or willingness to sort my problem.

At this point it would be more helpful if Amazon had no service line at all as opposed to overseas reps that have no willingness or even ability to do anything about the issues that they are tasked with. Stop giving this *** show your money, i know i will

Amazon Cons: Customer service.

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