Yes, I know it is only a book, but I bought this book through Amazon after meeting the author at a local book signing in Idaho. The lady seemed somewhat slow and there was no one at her table. So I thought I'd try to support her efforts and purchased the book on Amazon as she suggested. ...OMG, this is the worst book ever and reading it was worse than watching paint dry. Poor characters, boring story line, and the ending was guessed about halfway into the book. I'm sorry, but I'll never make another charity purchase for a lonely author again.

To make matters worse, Amazon would not let me return her book and I only had it for less than a week. She has good reviews on Amazon but you can tell they are from friends or relatives because they're not even "verified purchases." The book is ranked clear back at over 3 million in Amazon's ranking structure.

I may never get my money back for this "rag" with words on it, but do yourself a favor and don't make the same mistake that I did.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Amazon Cons: Book, Story line, Author, Amazon return policy.

Location: Tempe, Arizona

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So you think you should be able to return a book after you've read it?


(1) No, I have never returned a book that I've read before. But if you'd take the time to read this book - you'd see why.

I couldn't even bear to finish it - it was painful to turn the next page.

(2) Amazon has the largest "book lending clubs" on the planet. They let other readers lend, borrow, and never buy kindle books my the millions every month. So lots of people on Amazon return / never buy the books they read.

(3) So, yes, for this one book, I felt that it deserved to be returned.

(4) You see, Amazon has a rating system that is bogus and you need to be careful when using it.

They allow "non-verified" buyers to leave "fake - positive" ratings and reviews for books they never purchased. And if you look at the reviews for this book - "it's all 5-stars" across the board. But when you look closer at the ratings - you'll see that they were not left by verified purchasers and some of them seem to be from Jeanette S. Andersen's friends or family members.

...for instance - one review was left by "Smitty" ...

her middle name is "Smith." That person has only left one other review on Amazon - ever.

...another review left by "Debbie" - was her one and only review left on Amazon - ever.

...None of her reviews were from "verified buyers" and she is ranked clear back in the 3.5 millions in the Amazon book rating system. No, I was fooled by fake 5-star Amazon reviews written by this authors friends and family - into buying this book that I wouldn't make a GITMO prisoner read.


I wanted to be fair and add that she seemed to be a very nice lady when I met her a few weeks ago. I met her at a recent Hastings book signing where she combined her efforts with the author Elaine Sturm.

My two daughters and I spoke with her, to the side of her table, for a few minutes and she told us that if we did not purchase the book at the table that day - that we could always buy her book on Amazon because it was receiving great reviews.

I did not know that most of those reviews were from "non-verified" buyers and were probably fake to begin with.


Thank you for the remarks Judy and it was nice to meet and talk to you. I remember you daughters and how cute they are.

Sorry you thought it was a waste of time and thank you for the comments. Nothing hurts to become a better person/writer. But it is true, not all the 4 and 5 stars where from family, only one of them. The others besides Debbie and Aspen I do not know.

They didn't give a 5 star because they had too, it was their true opinion.

Heck I'd give my book a 3 1/2 star. It isn't the best but it's not bad either.

Jeanette S Andersen


So you think the author was slow and hated her book. Just to let you know, not all the 5 stars where from her family or friends.

They are from people she doesn't know. She doesn't want 5 stars from friends because it does look fake.

Its a book for middle age kids and sorry you didn't like it. Everyone has their own tastes of books. If you wrote a book on a subject I didn't like, I could be mean and let you know, but over all I would give a summary of your book in a nice way and not burn it.

But that is only my opinion.

And if you thought she was slow, maybe there is a reason you don't know about and don't have to make fun of. She's alive, breathing, and can take care of herself which is better than not.