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James Simao, a violent seller on Amazon who is operating Hi-drate H2o, has stolen almost $100,000 from all his investors. Hi-drate H2o uses this money to buy the junk infuser water bottle from in China for $4/bottle and he is selling these junk infuser water bottle on Amazon for $20/ bottle. This junk water bottle is not worth it for $20. The cap is leaking and the bottle is scratched after couple times of using. Mr. Simao is using Amazon business to scam lot of investors to make the high profits returned for his business. I am one of his victims. Mr. Simao scammed me $15,000 by falsely promised me that he would show me how to build a success business on Amazon and help me make $50,000 profits per month on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Mr. Simao is a dishonest business man! He disappeared from california as soon as he stole $15,000 from me. I tried to contact Mr. Simao so many times to ask for my money back but I couldn’t reach him. I was very upset and disappointed! but I felt ashamed to report to the police because I don’t want the whole world knew how *** I am…

On November, 2014, I found out that Mr. James Simao moved to Mexico to hide after he stole all money from the investors in US. Then, he uses his investors’ money to build his company in Mexico that is located beside Caliente Casino in Tijuana, Mexico. Mr. Simao only lives in Mexico for scamming purposes and he still uses Las Vegas mailing address for his Amazon business. Hi-drate H2o business address is 3837 Bay Lake Trail, Suite 115 - North Las Vega - NV. 89030. Mr. Simao is renting the mail address in Las Vegas for less tax purpose but he never lives in Las Vegas!

I am taking lot of my time to write this review because I want to stop Mr. James Simao’s fraud! I don’t want more innocent investors lost money like I did! James Simao is a scammer! He is creating a very bad image for Amazon business by using Amazon for fraudulent purposes!

I am disappointed when Amazon does business with this kind of horrible seller! I think that Hi-drate H2o doesn’t deserve to do business with Amazon. Amazon should take this incident seriously to prevent the bigger problem for Amazon business in the future.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: Customer service.

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James Simao who is operating the business on Amazon named hi-drate H2o is a big liar! He stole $25,000 from me and ran away to Mexico.

Now he is recruiting more investors into his *** Amazon business. He bragged that he is making $30,000 to $40,000 per month on Amazon business. This is not true! James Simao is lie about his business to steal money from all the investors.

Please be careful with your money.

Don't waste your time and money with this bad guy!