Don't order from company unless you don't need your item 1 yr from now. I have never dealt with such unprofessional staff ever.

The date for this order had changed daily started out Nov 30th now we are supposedly guaranteed to get by weds. It's absolutely insane. This was for My 2 yr old granddaughter who's bday was dec2. Party was yesterday so who looked like a horrible grandmother .

I can tell ya ME!!! I call Amazon all I get is it's it's drin another company..really then start dealing with companies that stand up to their policy. And Amazon could do better by calling them.. I looked like a complete *** And liar!

They know they can do something to resolve the problem.....I will never ever after I get this if I get this. I an canceling my cc.

After I pay it off. Because I do things I say !

User's recommendation: Don't even become member. It's doesn't take 7 days for a vtech learning table which I probably won't get now Tikka nec.

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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