My order went from thurs Dec 3 to Fri to sat to sun to Monday then guaranteed by tues and now it says weds. And this whole crap well ma'am it comes from an other company is bs.

This is out of control. This was for my granddaughter's birthday and that was on the second her party was on Sunday and I had nothing to give her because it did not come so we were looking forward to now Tuesday well now it says Wednesday and I'm getting tired of hearing Well ma'am it's coming from another company we can't help it *** That is *** I paid $13 a month to be a member and I've been have been nothing but screwed around constantly and then I'm getting extra charges of 6 and $7 taken out every month and that's not being explained to me I am not very happy at this point I am going to after it comes if it ever comes cancel everything I would have been a great customer I pay my bills on time I usually pay them off as soon as I get them this year has been a little different but you can do a lot more than ma'am I'm sorry but it's coming from a different company you choose to deal with these other companies you know how precious it is for these little kids to want something and then it not come and you keep saying well now honey it's tomorrow there is something you can do about this I don't care what it is but somehow some way this situation is going to be rectified I am not happy my phone number is 419-975-**** and I'm sure I probably will not get a phone call but I will be expecting for somebody to call me and somehow make this right I went through you guys because you were a legit company and this is how I get played around I should have just went to the store and bought the damn thing myself. After this I will never buy another thing and I. Canceling everything I have with you.

I will close my acct but I will pay off my bill because I am the type of person to do as I say. But I will not recommend you to anyone!

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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