The item I bought was open when it was delivered (the whole box was wide open). Not to mention, one of the screws would not securely screw into the arm rest of the chair, thus leaving the arm rest very loose.

There was also a cut (in the material) on the top (back portion) of the head rest. Finally, after a few days the chair makes a lot of noises as if it's going to fall apart. It doesn't feel very sturdy at all! The leg rest continuously slides out, even when you're not trying to use it...very frustrating.

Not sure if I just got a bad unit or if this is just how it's constructed.

I would like a replacement to see if this was just a defective unit. If the new one is bad also then a full refund is what I will pursue.

Stay tuned

User's recommendation: Dissect your product closely!

Location: Linden, New Jersey

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