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Update by user Mar 16, 2022

They just make a point to hang up when I give my name..

Original review posted by user Mar 16, 2022

I talk a lot, maybe too much for your reps, but, I would think it is a better business protocol to guide the buyer and take the money. Not promise to "be right back' only to hang up on me.

then I must begin over. I still can't log in. Now when I try to get help when I give my name, they hang up on me

I noticed the basic tech support says the same thing as an elevated 'higher' does. I used the otr they sent, but it still does not work.

As stated when I call tech support they just hang up on me.

I was angry, but i did not direct my anger to the service rep.

But I think they flagged me. When iu called back to get help, (still no service with Amazon), they said they will fix this issue then ask my name spelling then cut me off.only

User's recommendation: not all the reps are sypathetic to my consumer issue. I did not begin with anger, but over days of no response, and the lack of records on my issue;.. well this is the first time I had a problelm, and they quickly became unsympathic and I did get angry but I didi not call anyone a name or was disrespectful.

Preferred solution: logged in.

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