Issue I have with an item Im waiting for Amazon to send back to me that I sent to Amazon and error. I sent back the wrong way I got on a return.

So I need that wig back from Amazon so that I can send the right one. This issue has been escalated a couple of times by lead people and I also spoke to a Rohan regarding the issue I started this about February 10 and they said it would be about 30 days and were coming up on that. Its very important for me to get that back so that I can send it to the right wig company and get my credit. As well as sending you the right wig in order for me to get my credit.

If you look up my name or my email address you should be able to find all the information on the correspondence Ive had.

I am at JC2hargis@***.com.. My name is jean hargis

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

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