I have been seeing this more and more and I am fed up. In the past three weeks THREE times I have been shocked to see a car flying down my street.

I am as if they were being chased. When I run outside to see why this person is driving so fast , I am so disappointed to see it is a Amazon driver delivering a package. They are running to the door as if they are in a race to see how many packages they can deliver in a certain amount of time. I have hustled down to them to nicely but stearnly ask them to NEVER drive down our street or any other residential street as fast as they did.

They immedietly apologize and promise me they will never do it again and within a week there is another one who does the same thing. I live in a neighborhood with kids everywhere! They play in the street , ride their bikes, we have an elementary school a block away and I am terrified a child or innocent person gets hit and killed. I need to find out what to do other than this complaint.

I am very worried and very fed up. I am an Amazon Prime member and order all of the time but I am considering quitting and starting a movement in our neighborhood to boycott this company. I understand this company helps make our lives so convienant but I am starting to believe it is not worth it.

Something bad is going to happen and I need to know that I tried to prevent it. Kristen Mahoney

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Delivery Drivers driving carelessly!.

Amazon Cons: Delivering service.

Location: Carmichael, CA, USA

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Call 1-877-252-2701 and let them know you have a complaint about the drivers. Depending on the Amazon delivery driver they can be in a van/truck or personal car.

It's best if you can get a tracking number to associate with the driver (these start with TBA) but zip code, time of day and description of incident will work too. Unfortunately, this may only cover that particular driver as it isn't always the same driver delivering to same area. Also unfortunately, everything is done on a case by case towards each driver complaint.

Amazon is using less and less ups, usps and fedex. Regardless if this is a Prime or PrimeNow order, this is the number to call.


This has nothing to do with Amazon Prime. Prime is simply 2-day shipping and is almost always done by UPS, not Amazon drivers.

Also, you are assuming that every single driver - thousands, by the way - that drivers for the 2 hour service (which I'm guessing this is since that's the only service that has cars that are marked as Amazon drivers) all driver this way?

That's a ridiculous assumption.

I guess you should stop ordering anything and stop getting mail. I've seen those guys speed before too.


This is not true. Most Prime 2 day shipping is now done via AMZL delivery service.

Depending on your location. Check your tracking #'s.

Does it start with TBA? Guess what, Amazon driver is delivering your package.