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Amazon marked a shipment of ours as "distributor damaged". We inquired about the shipment and were told it was lost, and if it wasn't found in 30 days, we would be reimbursed. After about 40 days, with no sign of reimbursement or inventory being found, we inquired again. After two weeks with no details about the length or details of the investigation, they got back to us and said that our "manufacture date" was not covered up. so they were destroyed.

We had at least a dozen other cases over the last year or more, including this same shipment and facility, get through fine with no complaint by FBA. Now we're told that it was destroyed according to policy, thus no reimbursement is due. The policy states specific cases for items that expire, none of which are disposal. There is only a blanket statement on ALL label and package requirements, including font size, that non-compliant products can be refused, returned, relabeled at a fee, fined, future shipments blocked, OR disposed of. They can justify any action for any infringement, however insignificant.

When they assessed our case, there was no option for discussion or review. Any request to discuss with anyone with any power or oversight in this decision is denied.

Monetary Loss: $5600.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Have you ever heard of insurance???Then kiss my *** & GOODBYE! There are so many complaints, just on here alone, just imagine all the other sites & the ones that DO NOT complain!

They are going to have some BIG problems soon! Hooyah