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Until just before Christmas last year my many deliveries were fine with drivers ringing the bell and either waiting to hand over my packages that wouldn't fit through the letter box or checking from their van that I had seen the packages. However, since then, anything not going through the letter box is just left on the porch steps no matter what the weather is and the driver just disappears in his van without ringing the bell.

I don't understand how they can do that because if I wasn't indoors which they don't wait to see they should put my packages in my nominated safe place. Sometimes I only realise that my package has been delivered because I spot the delivery message. This annoys me but I'm unable to contact Amazon and speak to customer services about their bad deliveries. To make it worse even if I give a thumbs down about the delivery service I am only given a selected number of options to complain that don't cover what I want to say.

No empty box to write in is offered.

Either I can stop ordering from Amazon or only select small items that I can have delivered to Amazon Lockers because they don't have large lockers for large items that they sell. Difficult choice just because Amazon have gone to an online robot answering service.

User's recommendation: Just be aware that you can only contact Amazon using an order that you have purchased and can only select problems that they select for you. If it's not on the list then good luck getting a response.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Eltham, England

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