I order a soccer net in the advertisement said everything included when I received the order was missing the cones , so I called spoked to customer service and they said no problem we will sent you another one , received the second one again the same problem missing the cones nobody check to make sure it was there, then I call Amazon again and spoked with customer service explain the situation and she said we can sent you another replacement but not sent the cones only I told her I dont want a third order , asked for the manager not available then the supervisor was not not any help she said sorry we can sent you a 3rd order of the same , its ridiculous and this was a Christmas present is course I was nervous not getting it so I just order the cones and pay separately I think Amazon is going to come off my list for shopping very disappointed wit a ball , cones, pipe,

User's recommendation: Do not there.

Location: Lakewood, California

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